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Hyde Park's neighborhood comic shop

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First Aid is a full service comic shop offering new releases, back issues, graphic novels and a large selection of all-ages comics. We also sell action figures, board games, and other comic related merchandise.

James Nurss opened First Aid Comics in November of 2008 after years spent managing shops and selling comics at conventions. Originally opened in a second floor space on 53rd St, First Aid moved to our 55th St location in 2011 and expanded to our current size in August of 2016.


In-store Events

For our taylor street location's events click here



Dungeons & Dragons

Dates and times for our Tuesday and Wednesday kids D&D groups, and our Sunday adult D&D groups


 Pokémon club

Alternates between First Aid Comics and Toys ETC.; dates and meeting times here


Magic the gathering

Find information regarding FNM, pre-releases, PPTQs and more


Book Club

Meeting and Discussing Graphic novels and comic books.  Led by Zoe Smith.


Store News

what's going on in the world of First Aid Comics



picks of the week - 5/9/2018!!

Samandkennykennyandsam's picks are here; never fear!! What have we got for you this week, gentle readers?? Sam loved the all-ages intrigue of Flavor #1, and Kenny is super excited about the setup for more Thor and for the Thor granddaughters, in Mighty Thor at the Gates of Valhalla.


New Release highlights - 05/16

You want 'em, we've got 'em:

The nice folks from Previews bring you a quick overview of the biggest new releases for 5/16.  Also, be sure to check our 'New Releases' section for a full list of the comics we're getting this week.

You keep loving it, so we keep doing it! We've bought out 

a preview screening of solo - A Star Wars story @ harper Theater

First Aid Presents: Solo - A Star Wars Story @ Harper Theater


Want to master your minis? 

Want to paint like a (semi-)pro?


Want your  painting to look like it wasn't done by your 5 year old nephew?



Come check out our...

Mini Painting Clinic


Yep, you read that correctly!


Your Comic Book Prescription is ready
— Edgar the Gremlin