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First Aid is hosts a variety of weekly, monthly and one-off gaming events. Details about upcoming events can be found here, as well as information about hosting a gaming event using First Aid's game room.


If you have any ideas or suggestions for events and formats we should run, please e-mail us and let us know!  We'll try anything once.


Wizards of the Coast

Magic the gathering


Magic the Gathering

We host a Friday Night Magic event every week here at First Aid. We usually draft the latest set, but exceptions are made based on demand. We have a prerelease for each new set, generally held on Saturday and Sunday, and First Aid hosts PPTQs during qualifier season.  





Upcoming Events @ Hyde Park

  • Friday Night Magic (every Friday at 7PM)
    • Draft - $15
    • 2 packs in the prize pool per entry
  • Battlebond 2HG Pre-release; Sunday, June 3rd and Launch Party Saturday June 9th
    • Doors open at noon; game at 12:30
    • Entry will be $20 per person, $40 for a team. 2 Packs in the pool per player.
    • Bring a friend, or get paired up at the store
    • Two-headed Giant Sealed tournament
  • PPTQ for Pro Tour Atlanta June 10th @ 10AM
    • Sealed Deck (Dominaria), Top 8 Draft
    • Entry Fee $35, 4 packs in the prize pool per entry

wizards of the coast

dungeons and dragons


Dungeons & dragons

We host several Dungeons & Dragons groups at First Aid. Dungeons & Dragons is a store favorite, and we currently have two ongoing, bi-weekly D&D groups.  Both groups are playing ongoing campaigns, so please contact the store in advance if you are interested in joining. We also have two ongoing children's D&D groups; one meets on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. Space in kids' D&D is limited as well, so please email or call in advance to see if there are spots available in the group. 

We recently added a Pathfinder group to our RPG schedule. Mel, our GM, is running the group on alternating Saturdays. This group is currently full, but a second group will be added in the near future. 



  • Kids D&D
    • Tuesday 6PM
  • Kids D&D
    • Wednesday 6PM
  • Adult D&D; both groups
    • Alternating Sundays 12PM-4:45PM
  • Pathfinder!!
    • Yes, we know it's not D&D
    • Currently changing days; check here soon for more info





First Aid Comics and Toys et Cetera jointly host the Hyde Park Pokémon League. The League is for players 12 and under and alternates Thursdays, from 3:30-5, between First Aid Comics and Toys et Cetera. We are also exploring the possibility of creating an adult Pokémon group, so if you are interested, please get in contact with us via email or phone.



  • Hyde Park Pokémon League
    • Monday; 3:30PM-5PM
    • Alternates between Toys et Cetera and First Aid

Games Workshop

WArhammer 40K


Warhammer 40K

First Aid Comics hosts a once monthly Warhammer 40K free-for-all. Come join your fellow hobbyists for a day of painting, skirmishes and all things grimdark. Our current Warhammer group meets on the first Saturday of the month and is open to all ages and skill levels.



  • Warhammer 40K Skirmishes
    • First Saturday of the month 12:30PM
  • In-store painting events/demos
    • Stay tuned