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Hyde Park's neighborhood comic shop

Comics. Games. full frontal nerdity.



First Aid is a full service comic shop offering new releases, back issues, graphic novels and a large selection of all-ages comics. We also sell action figures, board games, and other comic related merchandise.

James Nurss opened First Aid Comics in November of 2008 after years spent managing shops and selling comics at conventions. Originally opened in a second floor space on 53rd St, First Aid moved to our 55th St location in 2011 and expanded to our current size in August of 2016.


In-store Events

For our taylor street location's events click here



Dungeons & Dragons

Dates and times for our Tuesday and Wednesday kids D&D groups, and our Sunday adult D&D groups


 Pok√©mon club

Alternates between First Aid Comics and Toys ETC.; dates and meeting times here


Magic the gathering

Find information regarding FNM, pre-releases, PPTQs and more


Book Club

Meeting and Discussing Graphic novels and comic books.  Led by Zoe Smith.


Store News

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It's the adventure of James and the Comic Con(s) of Doom! We'll be on the road several weekends in the near future. We're traveling to Milwaukee Mighty Con this weekend, and we'll be at Lexington Comic & Toy Con March 9th - 11th and Indiana Comic Con March 30th - April 1st.


Comic Cons


Picks of the week 02/28/2018!!

SamandKennyKennyandSam's picks of the week are here, and we think you are going to dig them this week: Sam enjoyed the heck out of Alisik #1 and The Beef, and Kenny's lovin' the return of Mr Terrifioc and the second issue of Saladin Ahmed's Abbott!

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