Doctor's Orders


Get Your Subscription FIlled Now!

Here's what YOU need to do - 

Provide us with a list of comics you buy each month and we will order them for you. We provide this service free, even if you only buy one title each month. Just for joining the club, you'll receive a 10% discount on all of your new comics.

Additionally, you'll get 10% off of all your comic supply purchases, 20% off of all back issues and 10% off of any merchandise (books, toys, statues...) that you order in advance.

Them's the rules - 

We do have a few simple requirements: All club members are asked to come in and purchase their comics at least once per month. If we don't see you for over a month, we will try to reach out to you via phone and email. If we cannot reach you, we WILL stop pulling new books for you and drop your subscriptions. If for some reason you cannot come in once a month, please make a special arrangement with the store. Similarly, if you will be away for some reason (vacation, business, saving the cosmos, imprisoned by your evil twin...), just let us know and we'll keep holding your books. If you are moving away or need to stop your subscriptions, just let us know and we'll stop pulling for you immediately.

You can print and fill out the form here - Doctor's Orders - or pick one up next time you're in the store.