Johnny Cupcakes Pop-Up Shop
4:00 PM16:00

Johnny Cupcakes Pop-Up Shop

Johnny Cupcakes, the world’s first T-shirt bakery, makes killer shirts and First Aid slings killer comics; now, we're teaming up to bring Johnny Cupcakes' next-level style to your local comic shop. Join First Aid for an afternoon of style and full frontal nerdity, when we host a pop-up shop with our friends from Johnny Cupcakes!

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12:00 PM12:00

"Missed it By One" Rivals of Ixalan Booster Draft - EPIC PRIZES!

Hey guys! We need your help! The "MISSED IT BY ONE" 32 Seat Booster Draft is coming to your friendly Hyde Park First Aid Comics Shop!

We are holding a special Rivals of Ixalan booster draft because we need a 32 player event to maintain our Advance Level status with Wizard of the Coast (So that we can keep having awesome drafts and pre-releases for you all) and we only got up to 31 this year...  As a thank you to everyone who shows up we will be having a special prize payout depending on how many people show up.

- If we have 10 Players - The top prize is 2 Rivals PreRelease Packs plus the standard prize pool (1.5 packs of rivals per entry). Entry $16.00
- If we have 20 Players - The prizes for the top player in each pod will be a Rivals PreRelease Pack and 2 Iconic Masters Boosters plus the standard prize pool (1.5 packs of rivals per entry). Entry Fee $12.00
- BUT IF WE HAVE 32 Players - The top prize in each pod is 6 ICONIC MASTERS Boosters, plus the standard Prize Pool (1.5 packs of rivals per entry).. Entry Fee $10.00


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