Dungeons & dragons

We host several Dungeons & Dragons groups at First Aid. Dungeons & Dragons is a store favorite, and we currently have three ongoing D&D groups.  All of the groups are playing ongoing campaigns, so please contact the store in advance if you are interested in joining. We also have two ongoing children's D&D groups; one meets on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. Space in kids' D&D is limited as well, so please email or call in advance to see if there are spots available in the group. 

We recently added a Pathfinder group to our RPG schedule. Sasha, our GM, is running the group on Saturdays. This group is drop-in, drop-out, but be sure to check the Warhorn page to see if spots are available for upcoming games.



  • Kids D&D
    • Tuesday 6PM
  • Kids D&D
    • Wednesday 6PM
  • Adult D&D; Knut
    •  Sundays TBD  12PM-4:45PM
  • Adult D&D; Kian
    • Every Other Saturday 12:30 -6:30
  • Adult D&D; Mariah
    • Fridays TBD 6:30PM-9:30PM
  • Pathfinder
    • Current schedule here