Magic the Gathering

We host a Friday Night Magic event every week here at First Aid. We usually draft the latest set, but exceptions are made based on demand. We have a prerelease for each new set, generally held on Saturday and Sunday, and First Aid hosts PPTQs during qualifier season.  For the Little Italy location’s times & events check here.





Upcoming Events @ Hyde Park


    • Friday July 5th @ 7:00pm, Saturday July 6th @ 5PM, Sunday July 7th @ 12PM

    • Sealed Event $28 Entry, 2 Core Set 2020 Booster Packs into the prize pool per entry

    • Call or E-mail to pre-register

  • Magic Open House Core Set 2020

    • Saturday June 29th starting at NOON

    • Come get a free starter deck and a promo pack and learn to play magic

  • Friday Night Magic (every Friday at 7PM)

    • Draft - $15

    • 2 packs in the prize pool per entry

    • Drafting with the current set